This is my side project I’ve been working on for over 10 years (between other things) – building scanner cameras. Getting the computer inside the camera itself has been a goal for a while – there are some amazing scanner camera builders out there but I wanted the whole thing to be in one unit rather have to carry my macbook around on location also. When I discovered the #raspberrypi years ago, my first plan was to work out how to use it for this purpose and finally after many side tracks and other projects I got it all working about 6 months ago. This version here is a gaffer tape and foam board prototype so you get the idea. I’ve designed it so any Canon Lide will fit (after you’ve done your CIS edits) and all the images are sent automatically to a USB drive. The Raspberry Pi #touchscreen eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard. The pi and scanner run off a power bank which I’ve added a switch so the Pi can be off while I recharge the power bank in situ. I can’t wait until I have time to build a nice proper body and take advantage of the full size of the scanner bed like some of my previous scanner camera models.