Images taken with modified flatbed scanners. 


Ive been making scanner cameras and experimenting with scanner photography since 2001 when I first wondered what would happen if I put stuff on the scanner. I started wondering what could be scanned and started using my flat bed scanner upright like a camera using it to successfully create a number of works (you can see here) over the years that utilise the scanners ability to capture multiple times within one image. I started to build scanner cameras after one of my many web surfs uncovered the amazing work of Mike Golembewski who had posted his instructions on how to make a scanner see more than just a few centimetres in front of the glass scanning plate.  I had wondered if it could be done and now I had a starting point.

I have built a variety of scanner cameras out of timber, cardboard and vintage camera parts over the years, broken a few scanners along the way and even carted a double lensed version to Iceland and back, sacrificing most of my suitcase space in the process. Lots of people are experimenting with this process with varying degrees of success and a lot of work is being done on the technical side: building the cameras, making them smaller, work in colour, different lenses etc., but I am aiming to focus on the images that this process can produce.  That said I do have many plans for the improvement of my scanner cameras in order to maximise my  image making capabilities in the field which I am working on presently.